A Century of Passion and Love for Perfection and Wonderful Items.


    The manufacturing company business was started and founded in Monza (Milan)  one hundred years ago, in 1913, by Mr. Arturo Brambilla.

The Brambilla family carried on and developed for almost 100 years the family business in full respect of tradition and quality, confidence supplier of the best textile Italian manufactures and top Clients in the World.

   Since 1913 Mr. Arturo Brambilla, Federico’s grandfather, today FB1913  President, started the production and manufacture of Merinos wool and high quality men and lady hats founding the first family manufacturing plant in Monza - Milan.
    Arturo selected and imported top quality raw wool from Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, South America etc.
     He managed the Company until 1964 the age of 80 years old.
  The first family manufacturing plant in Monza (1913)

    Mr. Francesco the other grandfather of Federico,  was a successful  raw skin trader and manufacturer of leather goods and leather bags and accessories, made in the family work-shop located in Via Petrella in Milan, selected confidence supplier of the Italian Royal Family.




His workshop, ahead of its time,  realized for the first, in 1930, full leather extra-light travel bags, called 'Avio', extremely appreciated by european royal family and noble families of that time.

Via Petrella, Milan workshop in 1935

Giuseppe Brambilla, Federico's father, worked in the family business since 1955, he had an international vision developping the searching of the very best natural fibres in the world, directly from their country of origin. He  also  established long term relations with top quality fabric manufactures to create exclusive precious world wide appreciated extra-light fabrics.


Thanks to Giuseppe's energy and his long term view perseverance, the Family business improved very well consolidating a strong position in high quality luxury market.
    Federico Brambilla worked in the family business since 1976, consolidating a strong knowledge of raw materials, yarns, fabrics, leathers and high quality cashmere and leather luxury final products.
    He developed several industrial projects in textile high quality luxury production, he is still confidence consultant and partner in important government textile projects
    In 1988 Federico Brambilla set-up, together with Lanificio Ing. Loro Piana S.p.A., a completely new and big industrial plant in middle of Italy, called Pettinatura Lane di Rieti S.p.A., the most advanced high quality scouring, carbonizing and combing plant in the World, specialised in superfine merino wool treatments, processing wool 365 days per year, 24 hours per day!


   Thanks to the special Federico's experience in top quality materials and to his great love for everything is beautiful and perfect, he developed, from the beginning of his career, the Family artisanal luxury business creating unique objects for very special Clients, in very limited quantity, directly sold one by one, exactly as your tailor makes !
Infact the brand is devoted to satisfy any wish and any need of VIP Clients, with absolutely italian artisanal care and exclusive top quality materials only.
    His concept is the noble Italian Life Style, mixing history, present and future, a special blend of fashion, culture and high class italian taste.
    FB1913 mainly means One-off and Exclusive Luxury Limited Edition Art Pieces.

In 2013 Federico Brambilla signed a partnership agreement with Mazzanti Automobili /Italy, creating special car's interiors and a wonderful Limited Edition Collection for the new supercar Evantra 


     Evantra by FB1913 Collection had his premiere world launch in Montecarlo at Top Marques 2013 Edition, on  April 18th, at the presence of S.A.S Albert II Prince of Monaco.
     Only five Evantra Supercars will be hand made every year, as exclusive as FB1913 philosophy

    June 2013 to FB1913 a special “Karma Bags” set  (7 bags in total) which are tailored around the Fisker Karma trunk, as a pair of gloves.
    Each exclusive Karma bags set has a certificate of authenticity and a numbered tag, from 1 to 99. 
    Welcome to Bespoke and Limited Edition FB1913 World to all our VIP Clients.